Ayuda de navegación

Ayuda de navegación

The electronic office of the Ministry of Territorial Policy has the following structure.


At the top of the page, there are the headers, with these characteristics:

Imagen de la cabecera de la  sede del Ministerio de Política Territorial


    *  The Ministry logo, top left, takes you back to the home page when you click on it.

    *  The links on the top right give access to the translated versions of the electronic office website.

    *  Next to these links, there is an icon to change the page to its black-and-white version for high contrast.


Below these links there is the search box, where you can type a text and find related documents by clicking on the search button.



Below on the left you will find the top menu, containing links to the following sections:


    *  PROCEDURES: It contains a list of all the procedures available at the electronic office. Below each procedure there is a button, “Go to procedure,” whereby you can access preliminary information about them. Here you will find another button, “ACCESS PROCEDURE,” allowing you to open a file associated with the procedure in question. In order to do this, you will need a valid certificate, which you will be asked to use now before a series of windows open. One of the windows will ask for permission to run the installing application. You will have to answer yes. After taking these steps, you will see the form corresponding to your procedure. Fill it in and sign it using your certificate.

    *  MY PROCEEDINGS: Here you can check the status of your files and read the electronic notices you have received.

    *  WEBSITE NAVIGATION TIPS: It is the link to this page you are now reading.



On the right, you will see the system’s date and time, indicating the official date and time of the electronic office. If the clock has stopped, you will need to click on the “Update” button to be sure you are operating in real time.


On the left below the header you will find a side menu to access various content pages. This menu is available in all the website sections.


In the middle of the web page, there is the breadcrumb trail, giving you a way to keep track of your locations within the sections or documents. You can go back to previous pages by clicking on their names.


The contents themselves are right below the breadcrumb trail.



On the home page (and only here), there is a series of banners containing links to other websites of interest, including that of the Ministry of Territorial Policy, http://www.mpt.es.



At the bottom of the page, the footer features several useful links. These include that to the Website Map, showing a diagram of the electronic office web page structure.